Thigh High stockings are not just sexy lingerie!

Posted by K A on

I have been a fan of Kix'ies for a few years now.  I started wearing them to accessorize lingerie outfits, but because they are so comfortable and stay up; they've become an important staple in my everyday wear just the same.

I want to create a movement to normalize the wearing of thigh high stockings with casual apparel!  Whether you have thick thighs, small thighs, long thighs; these stockings will stay up and not roll down, as well as not feel tight and uncomfortable!

Wearing sexy clothes doesn't have to be just behind closed doors.   Pair these with a dress, dress them up with a glam look or dress them down with a sweatshirt and shorts!   It's your style, however you choose to wear Kix'ies thigh high stockings! 

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