About Us

I am Kari "Platinum Puzzy" Anthony.  It was difficult to include the middle part as it's brought me so much judgment in the past.  However, I just don't feel I can share my story without including how I came to start wearing lingerie and thigh-high stockings.  

I have been an adult performer for 18 years.  Wow, actually typing that brought on a lot of memories.  Before becoming an adult entertainment actress, I never shopped, owned or wore lingerie.  In my mind, I didn't think anyone would ever want to see me in sexy, intimate wear.  For me, I had no real love life or anyone to wear it for.  It never occurred I could wear it for myself!

When I began my career in adult, pictures became the staple of my brand.  The natural esthetic of the business is to wear sexy, pretty, intimate lingerie to accentuate your curves and leave something to the imagination.  I was frustrated with the limited access to affordable, high quality and attractive lingerie fashions available at the time.  

One of my very first fans had a fetish for thigh-high stockings and bought me a pair to wear.  I loved them except they kept rolling down my leg and were extremely uncomfortable.  Even with the garter, it seemed I could never get them to fit properly or stay up.  

Years later, I would be introduced to a brand that had silicone bands and seemed to have solved the problem!  I bought my first pair and was so excited to have found a brand that totally understood the assignment!  I bought a few more pairs and started building my collection.  

Fast forward to now!  My mission is to get these stockings on the thighs of EVERY thigh that yearns to be snugged by a pair of sexy stockings!  Now, there are more fashionable styles and sizes that go up to a D which can fit up to 400 lbs+!  

I can't wait to ship you your pairs and hear how much you love them as much or even more than I do!