About Me

Welcome to my world of curves, confidence, and eclectic fashion! I'm Kari Anthony, a middle-aged plus-size model, embracing every inch of my beautiful self and expressing my unique style through a mix of girly, sporty, and elegant fashion pieces.  KarisClosetX is a combination of never worn items, gently worn items and several garments from photoshoots, events and daily wear.  

Life's too short to conform to societal norms, and I've made it my mission to celebrate diversity and individuality in the fashion industry. As a curvy woman with a penchant for eclectic styles, I've learned that true beauty comes from within, and fashion is the perfect canvas to showcase your personality.

My wardrobe is a vibrant reflection of my diverse taste. One day, you might catch me twirling in a flirty, floral dress that accentuates my curves and embraces my feminine side. The next, I'll be rocking a sporty ensemble that screams confidence and athleticism. I believe that fashion should be as diverse as the women who wear it, and I'm here to break the mold and redefine beauty standards.

Elegance doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. I'm all about finding affordable pieces that not only make a statement but also empower women to embrace their bodies. From chic thrift store finds to budget-friendly brands, my fashion journey is a testament to the fact that style is about creativity, not the size of your wallet.

Join me on this empowering journey of self-love and style exploration. Let's redefine beauty standards, break the mold, and show the world that fashion is for everyBODY. Together, we'll embrace the beauty of diversity and inspire others to confidently express themselves through the art of fashion.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure – where curves, style, and confidence collide in a celebration of individuality!