So you think you can dance in these thigh highs?

Posted by K A on

Yes you can!  

Plus size model "A Purple Glow" couldn't wait to test our stockings while dancing in some intense bachata and salsa routines.  She mentioned how difficult it is to have any type of stockings on as they slip, roll, and make it really difficult to move around without having to constantly adjust.  

"I was beyond impressed with the way these stayed in place while I was sweating, flowing around and didn't roll once," says Ms. Glow. 

As seen in this GIF image, she is wearing the "Selma" style which is our navy blue sheer stocking.  

Ms. Glow goes on to say, "I am also a bigger girl with super huge thighs so just the fact that they fit around leg above my knee was extremely surprising!" 

The silicone bands at the top are designed to offer support so that they remain in place while you are doing your normal everyday activities!


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