Whitney - 💘. nude sheer with red cuban heel red line back seem

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This silky nude sheer nylon stocking with a splash of red Cuban back seem and heel is perfect for a variety of looks.  Whether spicing up a business outfit, pairing with an everyday casual style or accessorizing your intimate wear; Whitney has you covered.

Nude, red band, red seem and Cuban heel.

Sizing: Measure by height first and thigh circumference second.  (see sizing chart)

•ULTIMATE COMFORT: Soft and silk like; No muffin top; Won't dig into your skin •PREMIUM QUALITY: a proprietary blend of prime fabric for Strong Durability & great feel. Hand wash cold water - drip dry

•NO SLIP or SAG: A slimming & flattering stay up thigh highs w/silicone tops actually stay up until you want them to come off.

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